Monday, May 9, 2016

What is DESTINY?

What is DESTINY? 
Why do we have so much faith in it? 
What leads us to believe that something is already planned with our lives and we only are a motive to keep things going that way? 
Why do people lose hope when something bad happens in their life and blame their destiny for that misery? 

Well, the answer is simple. We are afraid. We are afraid of everything. We are afraid of new adventures. We are afraid of changes. We are afraid of taking new steps. We are afraid of losing what we have. We are afraid of losing people. And in order to overcome that fear, we believe in anything that gives us hope that nothing will go wrong and even if something bad happens it will not be your fault, it will be destiny. And that's when we lose control of our own lives and start depending on unseen things to lead us. 

Why can't we try to think of taking our own path and follow what we think is right? Why aren't we sure about our own thought and actions? People need to know that whatever happens in life is a result of your own actions or someone else's. It is not because there is a force that is bringing all the changes in your life. If you lose something, then you didn't work towards keeping it. If you are not able to achieve something, then you didn't work hard enough or someone else was better than you. So you just need to see that there is a reason behind everything and its not the destiny that plays its role. 

You make your own destiny.........

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Resolutions --- 2016

A Happy New Year to everyone.....Have amazing year ahead :)

And now that we are talking about new year, how can we miss talking about the new year resolutions. I'm sure everyone has a list of the resolutions for the new year and will work towards them. I have a few too. So what happened to the ones that you took last year. Did you make it through? Or did you complete a few and forgot the rest?

There are a few things to keep in mind when you take a resolution. It shouldn't be just a quick decision but it has to be a well thought list. A resolution can not only boost your confidence but also make you work towards becoming a better person and a strong competitor. So with that in mind, just make sure you go through the points below before you hit that list on the new year's eve:
  1. You need to make sure you write down what you really want to do or achieve.
  2. You need to make sure there is a passion behind each one of the list items.
  3. You need to make sure you have thought about each and have a plan ready to achieve the targets.
  4. You need to make sure you only choose enough to not over stress you or that you don't have sufficient time for.
  5. And the last is that you need to make sure you are ready to get your ass off that couch and finish what you plan to start.
Well, that/s about it. You go through these pointers and create that list and you are good to go. Make this New Year worth it......

Monday, March 2, 2015

There is always a way out :)

Sometimes in life, you get stuck in situations where there is no way out however it has been said by a lot of successful people that there is always a way out no matter how stuck you are or how bad the circumstances. And that is true. The only thing that keeps us from finding that one way out is the fact that we panic and lose our mind when we are facing a tough situation or when we get stuck. Human mind is a fragile yet extremely active thing. It works the way you want it to work, it does what you make it do and it thinks what you believe to be true. And the way to get out of any such harmful or bad situation is to tame your mind. You should know that it is you who makes the mind work and not the other way around. I'm sure this is a pretty controversial topic to discuss however this is how I live my life and how I feel is the best way to do it. The most important things that I believe one should do or plan to do when in a miserable situation are:

1) MOST IMPORTANT - Stay Calm - This is one thing that we usually miss out and this is the most important factor in any scenario. Stay calm and everything should feel easy.
2) Be aware of what is happening around you - You should always be aware of what all is happening around you and not just worry about what's happening to you.
3) Be aware of who is controlling the situation and how it is being controlled - Always try and figure out who or what is controlling the outcome in the situation as that can be a key to getting out.
4) Be aware of how you ended up in this situation - Try and remember what you did or what incident brought you in this situation in the first place.
5) Figure out the various options that you have - While staying calm, just try and look around for options that you have to get out of the mess. There is always one that is pretty easy and you might ignore it unless you focus.
6) Always stay motivated - One of the things that leads to misery is the fact that people lose hope or get demotivated and just give up. They accept their misery. You should never do that and you will find it easy to get out.
7) Think of a reason to make things better - There is always something or someone in life that you want and in order to do that you do certain things. Just try and remember one of those and that should get you off your ass and do something about it.
8) Stop cribbing and do something - Well pretty self-explanatory :)

Well in all, things aren't going to get better by themselves, you have to figure out a way yourself. So let's get up and fix things. Cheers.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Resolutions for 2015

With the new year come a lot of new things, responsibilities, opportunities and challenges. And in order to manage all these we need to improvise and set some resolutions so that we can make it easier for us and ofcourse make the new year better than the one before. So I have selected the best new year resolutions that you can set for yourself and work towards meeting all these goals. Here's the list:

1) Reach a fitness level that makes you satisfied - Keep in mind your ideal weight and work towards it no matter how much time it takes.

2) Be shameless - Once you reach a level of shamelessness you realize you can do anything in the world. Try reaching that level and be carefree.

3) Learn something new - It can be an instrument, language or anything that you feel like or wanted to learn but never got the chance. Try putting some time into it and master it.

4) Go for an unplanned trip - There is nothing more exciting that a trip that you never plan. Just decide to go somwhere and take a couple of friends along. It is worth it.

5) Be adventurous - Adventures teach you to that risking life for something is an extraordinary feeling. Find an adventurous sport and go for it.

6) Save money and buy something pricey - There is always that one thing that always wanted to buy but never bought it because it was too costly. Well it's time to save some bucks and buy it...finally. That would feel amazing.

7) Do something stupid - Do something that would really look stupid. Enjoy being stupid and laugh along.

8) Take an off - Take a month off from work and just rest or take up a hobby.

9) Just leave - In the middle of an arguement just turn around and leave without saying anything. This is going to have awesome after effects.

10) Laugh - Last but not he least, laugh on others, yourself and things that you see around. Just laugh.

I'm sure these are some things that everyone has on their lists but never got the chance to do. Well this is your lucky year. Go wild.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Time to get up...

When the world is bringing you down it your knees,
that's when you should rise even if you bleed.
No matter how hard the path may be,
you have to walk it for the world to see.
You are stronger than you think you are,
No one can make you quit, you are a star.
Things can get messy, they can make you cry,
But time heals everything, let it fly.
When you feel you are running out of breath,
And you know there's nothing left but death.
And when that happens and your time is near,
that's when you realize you have no fear.
So why wait for that time and live in misery,
get up and create some history.
Coz there is nothing that can bring you down and make you quit.
No matter how hard the life, or how badly you're hit.
Grab your nuts and show the world,
what you have instore and fly like a bird.
Don't think about anything and don't you worry,
You don't live forever, It's time to hurry.

Live you life the way you want to.........let no one beat you to the ground....:)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

You can't control time but you can control life...

Time flies by like a thunderstorm,
passes by you and takes things with it.
You can't stop it no matter what,
But all you can do is make time a good memory.
Always do what you want to do,
Always take risks and not just think about it.
You know what's right for you,
never take someone else's advice and follow it.
Always stay calm and look for a solution,
don't panic and make the situation more miserable.
You have the remote control in your hands,
never let anyone else take it from you.
There is always time to make changes,
you are never to busy to stay stuck.
Whenever you are in a situation you can't get out from,
just remember "There is always a way".
Time flies by like a rainy season,
washes all your dreams if you don't take an action.
Go out there are live your life,
And believe me when i say......You make your own destiny

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Self-Motivation is The First Requisite To Great Undertakings!

“Failure is the first step to success”- almost every one of us must have read this line in the primary classes. But why have I written this line here? – Just as a reminder that, reading and learning such basics are of no use if we don’t imply them in our lives. Each one of us has to go through hard times some day or the other. Either missing a good job opportunity or a low score in an important test, failures always stroll around us, no matter where you hide. So, what is the significance of “Success” in our lives? It is always next to you but only if you accept and learn from your failures!

Self motivation is the thing, which drives you straight to the achievement of your goal, to do something better in life. At some point in our lives, we have to do things that we really don’t want to, but we know we have to; we need to self motivate ourselves greatly. The reasons for doing the ostracized work may differ due to various circumstances. But, what matters is that only self motivation turns out to be a successful tool in every state.

Even the most motivated of us, at times feel unmotivated. The conditions seem to be worse when sometimes we get into such a slump that even making positive changes look as if it is too difficult. But, even this is not the end. This ‘slump’ may turn into a stepping stone of your success. The movement you start motivating yourself and begin your way, even the small steps get you started on the road to a positive change.

From my personal experience, the unfavorable condition rises from the activities of past. But that for sure doesn’t mean that you should have any kind of regret for those activities. Many of us share one thing in common; we try to take on too much and try to achieve too many goals at once. The resultant we are already aware of; we often end up feeling overwhelmed. All you have to do is to learn from your mistakes and make your weakness your strength. And this is possible only with self motivation.

Inspiration also plays a significant role and it is an essential part of self motivation. You can get inspired from those who have achieved their goals and also by yourself, with your achievements in past. Self motivation is dependent on your own determination and lasts much longer than being motivated by any other person.   

So, trust your potential and the inspiration inside you, that's all you need to achieve what you want to!